Tuesday, November 2, 2010


You may notice there are some posts missing. After a week full of trying to make my blog into something great, I realized through some good advice to just go back to my original desire to blog. To write about what I'm passionate about. The original reason I started this blog to record my experience with learning how to be a missionary in my daily life, mostly in regards to Haiti.

I think I lost touch with that whole idea since I got to go to Haiti. Yet, here I am again, not having reached perfection by any means, waiting on the Lord to lead me back to that amazingly special place. And with still more to learn about daily mission work and plenty of room for me to grow, I have to remember one thing: Forcing anything is never fruitful. Just as I waited patiently for my first opportunity to go to Haiti, I will again wait patiently for the next time. I will wait for this blog to develop into whatever God may call it to be.

Getting back to the basic inspiration for this blog, I will try to remember that God is the one leading my journey, not me. Clearly, I tried to run the show here and I made a schedule, which I ultimately messed up a few times last week. So I'm starting from "scratch" and will see where God, and this blog, take me. Thanks for joining the journey...the journey to completion.

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