Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Friday!!!

7 Quick Takes, hosted over here!!! Conversion Diary!


What a week!

1: I know I posted about it this week but just a reminder, Cholera outbreak in Haiti spread to Port au Prince! PRAY!!!!!!!!

2: I know more info about some guy that my co-worker wants to set me up with than I should probably know about someone without having met them....for someone who wants to get married, maybe I should be more open to these ideas, but I get so awkward when people talk about setting me up...

3: On that topic, if I could admit, I wish there were still arranged marriages! Okay, maybe I'm crazy, but honestly , the coworker who wants to set me up, she has a son, they're Catholic, and a really  nice family. My mom and her get why can't they just agree that we should marry and be done with it...we can learn to love each other! I swear!.....

4: I need a mindset change. As I was venting to someone recently, I realized that the bulk of my "issues" lately are extremely self centered. If I wasn't so caught up in my own self, then I would be so much happier.

5: TOTALLY RANDOM: Did you know that there is a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera? It is only showing in London and it's called Love Never Dies Check it out!!!

6: It is a sad day in the world for me when I walked up to my friends college suite door (she shares a suite, which is compiled of like 6 or 7 bedrooms of 1 or 2 people each) and see a sign "Get Tested for Chlamydia" this what the world has come to? The college was advertising this.

7: And to finish, me and the friend I'm visiting just  baked cupcakes. YAY!


  1. Nope, didn't know there was a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Off to check it out. (Does this mean my time blog hopping has been well spent?)

  2. It does if that information interests you! I couldn't believe that there was a sequel...I'd never heard of a sequel to a musical before!