Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pure Exhaustion

Pure exhaustion is how I know for sure that God dwells within me.

Today I have had patience and trained a few people throughout the day...without losing my mind. Yes, now that everyone has gone, I find I  have almost no energy to even walk...but I'd rather be able to save face, even if only for the 7.5 hours I am at work.

I read somewhere or heard in a talk at some time that when you have nothing left to give of yourself, give Christ. I feel that today has been one of those days. I had nothing left to start with yet I was able to give.

How is this possible?

Christ dwells within me, the presence of the Holy Spirit was sealed within me through the grace of the Sacraments I've received. When I, as a human being, have absolutely nothing else left within me to give of my own accord, I give what it left: Christ

I know now why it is important to build our lives on the Firm Foundation of Jesus Christ. Because underneath all that we are, and when our fortress of grace, our walls of protection, and all of our gifts been used, we are not left completely empty. Our God gives through us. Our God lives in us. Our God makes it possible for us to keep on being.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you so much for moving in me today and for keeping me going. I could not make it without you. I pray for those around me, that they too will be inspired to make You their firm foundation for that when they have given it all, there will be You to give more! I offer up Haiti in a special way today as they have confirmed the Cholera outbreak has spread to Port au Prince. Lord, Have Mercy on your People! Amen!

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