Saturday, November 20, 2010

Washed in Tears

Last night I went to a Holy Hour (hour of adoration with some worship music thrown in) with a friend of mine. We went to dinner first and I told her about some recent news that we got in my family and asked for her prayers.

She said, "Well we're on our way to the perfect place and you can even cry/let it all go if you need to".

I agreed that this was perfect! (I am a big fan of crying, especially when stressed to let it all go). But something wasn't right. I was before Jesus, and not crying. All I could seem to repeat in my heart was:

Jesus, increase my desire for you!

I do not recall ever praying this simply before in my life. No other words came to my mind and no tears came. I tried kneeling/sitting/relaxing.

Then I hear the singer start the next song...."This is my desire, to worship you, Lord with all my heart, I worship you..."  This is my all time favorite song and I often sing it in the car or in bed because I know it so well and it brings me back to place of being very close to God.

I was sitting with my feet on the far side of the kneeler, head down resting on the pew in front of me...and then this crazy thing happened.

The tears poured out of me...everytime I  blinked to clear my eyes, another person's name came to my hear, and I prayed, "take them, Lord". It seemed like the shortest amount of time, but I am pretty sure I named every person or group I know. "Lord I give you my heart, I give you my soul..." I gave Him my heart, and all that was held in it. It was such a beautiful moment.

I love intercessory prayer. Amen!

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