Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes...Wait Really?

The thing about 7 Quick makes me realize just how fast the week goes by! I can't believe it's already time again to make my list of 7! Well, here we go again! :-)  Thanks to the host: !!!

I really enjoyed all of my classes this week. I'm surprisingly becoming more understanding of my Religious Studies prof. and his view for teaching the course. I understand now that his goal is to not distract anyone from their own beliefs, but to try to get us to look objectively from a different view than we normally would, at the Gospels. And when you've come to love them and their meaning to your life, that is hard to do. In my other classes, we're still talking a lot about Philosophical things...I really like that!

I made a new word and job title for myself. While also eventually being a wife and mom, I now want to also become a Philo-Psych-ologer. A what? In my mind, this is someone who studies psychology and philosophy each through the lense of the other. A new found connection between the two.

One of the guys that my co-worker is trying to set me up with (yes there is more than one) turns out to have been in the wedding party for my sister's best friend. And did I mention, the other guy's parents live on the same street as my parents? I was using that same street thing to say "hmm maybe that's a sign" and then I'm within 5 degrees of seperation to this other guy too....Lord, guide me!

I'm really bothered by a lot of things going on in Haiti. Cholera outbreak spreading...Anti UN protests getting violent. UN peacekeepers, who haven't been doing all that much apparently, are opening fire against protestors. Personally, I think they need to protest. If more things were done in Haiti after the earthquake, maybe these people would be protected for the other things that went wrong (hurricane, collapse of any organized leadership, high rains, cholera outbreak). They deserve a chance to protest!

Big shocker of the day: I wore my hair down and heals on the same day. That never happens!

Please pray for my family.

I'm going to a Holy Hour tonight and I am so excited! I get to see an old friend who I haven't seen in a while and possibly more friends...and to spend time in front of Jesus in the Eucharist, AHH! I can't wait! Know that I will be offering up all of you, my blog friends, and your intentions. I am hoping they have a priest available for confession too!


  1. Just love your new job title Kristina. blessing to you in your journey life.