Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catholocism? What? Who?

50 Catholics were killed in Iraq. If you aren't Catholic and don't read a Catholic news site, chances are you had no idea.

The actual Terrorist Attack Article here!

I sat in my "religion" class last night as someone randomly  brought this up towards the end of class by saying "well weren't a bunch of Christians just killed in Iraq or something?" and I spoke up and said "Terrorists went into a Catholic Church, killed 2 priests and many others, taking people hostage" The professor looked shocked that he hadn't heard of this and quietly said, "I should have known about that"

Then I realized something esle. CNN has a bunch of mini stories that I watched yesterday. Mostly unheard of things like "Man in wheelchair tackles robber" and such. The big story was the student protest that turned violent in London.

Did anyone in the world care about the Catholics targeted and killed? Please pray for the repose of their souls and for mercy upon the terrorists who planned and carried out this attack.

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