Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today I will become a Godmother again!

I will add Isabella to the growing list! Please offer a prayer for her today as she begins her life in Christ!

I must say that having 5 Godchildren is quite a blessing! Getting so familiar with Baptisms is such a treat too because it's the very beginning. I know God formed Isabella in the womb, kept her save for 9 months, and brought her into this world safely on her birthday....but today is the day where the original sin of her humanity will be washed clean.

Pray for her parents as well. Today is not only a big day for Isabella, but today I will go to Mass with her parents for the first time ever since their wedding. I've known Stacey since high school and always tried to invite her to Mass, and she always wanted to go but never made it happen. They were going to start going back to church after the wedding....then after I moved into town....but it didn't happen. So last week, they went to Mass where they got married, and are going to register there and go every week. Prayers answered!

What a truly Blessed Day today!

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  1. How wonderful about your friends getting back to Mass! Congratulations to Isabella!