Sunday, November 28, 2010

We did it!

We went to one tree farm. We looked around for about 45 minutes at the most, with our 11 people in tow, and found our perfectly tall Christmas Tree.

Thanks to my 2 year old nephew, we have named her Henrietta. (Of course a name from his favorite show Thomas the Tank Engine)

We had a blast. We even took over a Dunkin Donuts afterwards for Hot Chocolate. Based on our estimated ceiling height, this tree is approximately 11.5 ft tall. We have tried year after year to have the tree show in that top window...last year we just about did it...this year, the top of the tree is past the top of the window. A ladder will be required to decorate it.

A few years ago I claimed, "What is the point, this has nothing to do with Jesus or his birth, or Mary or Joseph..." but this year I realized that this tree brought together old and possibly new family, inspired a day full of joy and laughter, and togetherness. I think the Holy Family was smiling on us as we shared this moment with one another. Our kickoff to Advent.


  1. WOW! That tree is amazing and has such a beautiful shape! Sounds like a fun day! :)

  2. Thanks!! It was a pretty awesome experience this year.