Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!!!

I actually remembered this morning to come to the blog world and write up my 7 quick takes of the week!

Thanks to Jennifer @ConversionDiary for hosting!!

Follow up to the bathing suit post (check that out here!), I thought it was rude of me to not at least share some good resources for modest clothing, and even some more than not modest swimwear in case you decide you still want the beach/pool experience! I just ordered some clothes from Athleta and I can't wait for them to come. It is somehow sporty and feminine. They have skirts and dresses, and my all time favorite: the skort. The skorts they make have shorts built in that are almost mesh material. I have worn my skort to Haiti and hiking/biking before and couldn't believe how comfortable I was in so many ways.

 They have wide leg yoga pants, not just tight ones, and even modest tanks and other tops.
They are a bit pricey, but I reccomend buying one thing at a time if you really enjoy what you's good quality and supporting this line, shows that there are women out there that demand this type of clothing!

As far as swimwear, definitely Lands End (they even sell some of their stuff at Sears stores!). I also stumbled upon: Rey Swimwear! Vintage and modest swimwear, and their unbeatable tagline, "Who says it has to be itsy bitsy" is the perfect mantra for the modest woman's battle for covering up!

Apparently I am back in full swing at my old parish, St. James. I left there almost 2 years ago and have been quite the Church nomad ever since. I left because it stopped feeling like home. It feels like home again. I have no idea why. I think it may have something to do with the pastor. Of course, one reason why I left was also because of him as well. But when I started coming back, whenever he looked at me, I feel as though we both might cry. Tears of joy of course over my return. I haven't been away from Church, but it just felt like he truly missed me in my absence. To feel that from a pastor of a large parish was quite overwhelming and humbling. Another person who had been away and come back to the same parish, said she had the same experience. Oh, how he loves us! I feel so blessed.

Apparently, this also means I'm slowly getting back into youth ministry. Praise the Lord! I went with them to a talk by Jason Evert last week and I thought it was great. His calm and relaxed way of encouraging teens to live a pure life is amazing. He never condemns and he doesn't lay on the whole "you can't, you can't, you can't" mantra onto them. Just gently encourages that they should try to remain pure. I bought the book he and his wife wrote for young women called "How to Find Your Soulmate: Wihtout Losing Your Soul". I think it will be my saving grace. It just speaks to my heart. No over the top doctrine (that I already know), but practical advice on how to live while waiting for my husband.

Another great find, introduced to me by my brother-in-law, is: Trits. I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet. But Quick Takes, perfect timing! Trits Ice Cream Dessert is originally made in Costa Rica and is a big deal among the surfer population. What is it? It's an ice cream sandwich and I believe my sister describes it best: the cookie almost taste like the crust of a cheesecake but hard enough to be the sandwich, and then it is filled with vanilla ice cream, but it's just sweet and delicious. A guy my B-i-L knows is bringing them to the US and they were debating investing, so I got to try one. Absolutely delicious! I hope they take off in the US because I'd love to eat them all summer long!

Nephew story: My 2 1/2 year old nephew is just hysterical these days. I can't even narrow down one incident, but I will try...this morning, my sister sent us this story via emial with a picture for proof. He was having yogurt for breakfast. They just bought this shelves with the removable boxes (that serve as drawers)for storage from IKEA. My sisters hears the following words from him, "Mama Mia see Jimmy eat yogurt in BIG box" go in to find him sitting in the "drawer" on the floor eating his yogurt. (Mama Mia is what he calls Mia now since my sister taught him the Mama Mia song). His version of the song goes like this: "Mamma Mia, go again, bye bye, itch ya" Where the "g" is, replace with "d" and you will get what he sounds like. (Real words he's imitating: Mamma Mia, here we go again, my, my, how could I resist ya)

Bike Ride: Last night, it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I was in the midst of doing laundry and cooking/cleaning my apartment which was badly needed, when I had the strongest desire to go for a bike ride. I ended up not going because I needed to finish the laundry, but I really was just excited over the fact that I wanted to do something active! Hopefully I will get to go for a bike ride soon!

I need to get to confession before Holy Week really kicks into gear. Know of a Church that has offerings for the procrastinators? Let me know! I'm such a last minute person, but I do really want to be able to go through the Triduum in a state of grace, it's so much better that way!!!


  1. popped over from conversion diary ...

    i checked out the athleta site ... they have some cool clothes. thanks for sharing.

    and next time ... leave the laundry and go for a bike ride:))

    and let's just say Trits sounds divine!

  2. Hi Bia,

    I think I might try to post about modest clothing companies more often! I love being able to share that stuff. I mean, just to be modest, doesn't mean we have to be bulky and old fashioned, we can still be trendy and feel attractive.

    Laundry: I live in an apartment and feel bad just leaving the laundry in there.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoyed it! :)