Friday, November 26, 2010

In 14 Hours...

I am starting a countdown right about now to what will probably be one of the most memorable moments in our family's history. You are probably wondering what could top my sister having twins or any other of the many shenanigans that have occured in this crazy family...but I assure you, this will definitely make the top 10 list!

Every year since my parents bought the house they live in (my mom's first owned stand alone house), we have gone and cut down a Christmas tree. Last year, we waited until December and had slim pickings. We always have slim pickings because my mom always wants to top the height of our last tree until it stands perfectly between our slopped high ceilings. We are usually talking 10 ft at the start of our hunt...but this year we're starting with the height of 12 ft. The problem is that here in New England, the way it goes for fresh cut trees is:

Any Tree You Cut=$___ (set price no matter how big or small)

So if it's $40, and we get a 10-12 footer, well yay for us. So they cut down all the biggest ones for you, and add in the cost of labor for cutting it down and driving it to an area where they are all set up nicely. The price then usually rises to $80-$100!

And that's not all folks....

Tomorrow is an extra super challenge. Not because we are looking for an extra tall tree, but because we have invited quite a bit of people to join us.

My grandparents are watching the twins so we can take my older nephew. So here is the tally so far:

My parents (2)
Me (1)
Sister/Brotherinlaw/Nephew (3)
Mom's best friend (1)
Uncle/his girlfriend/her daughter/her granddaughter/possibly her other daughter too (4-5)

For a grand total of 11 (possibly 12) people all to go hunting for 1 tree. It is times like these when I say things like this to myself, "Ok, where are the cameras? Where is the crew? This must be reality TV!"

Dear God, please help us to have nothing but joy in our hearts and truly enjoy the day and one another during this very precious moment. Amen!

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