Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just spent an entire weekend wondering what my purpose was being present on a retreat. Just to realize my purpose was to be present. My purpose was to witness the events, experience them, and be. I think so many times we see an opportunity to serve and think "mission, I'm on a mission, my purpose is to fix...save...repair...share my life...convert" (insert appropriate word for you)

So busy figuring out what to do, that we miss the fact that we were just supposed to be.

After hearing so many stories of missionaries that go to Haiti, one common thread I hear is something like this "I went there to change/help them, and they changed/helped me 100 times more" Which leads me to the next lesson God has taught me in order to prepare my heart.

What I learned this weekend was mostly to just simply not even think of what might be the plan or purpose, but to just focus on trusting God's plan whatever it may involve so that your mind and heart are not cluttered. If we clutter our minds and hearts, we miss something because we never are able to keep in mind all that God could possibly have in store for us.