Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A great deal of bloggers have been discussing their plan for the Advent season. Most of them have children so I can't really find anything appropriate within those plans for a single person, living alone.

I've always wanted to do an Advent Wreath but I haven't had time to find one. Then today, I was catching up on reading inspriational quotes I subscribe to called, Franciscan University E-Spirations. You should definitely check that out! I came across this:

“Don’t think all is lost when your feet feel the hot desert sand, your cheeks the burning sun, your stomach the pangs of hunger. The Holy Spirit is leading you where Jesus went, and there he will show you what demons you need to face. But fear not. The very same Spirit who led Jesus into the desert is leading you, and he will empower you with his word to stand as champion over the world’s greatest enemy.”

-George T. Montague, SM (Holy Spirit: Make Your Home in Me, The Word Among Us Press)

I feel very convicted that this is about my Advent journey. Although it sounds like more of an inspiration for a Lenten theme. Sacrifice has always been a major theme running through my journey, but I must admit, I'm not very good at it. While Advent may  not be a time to focus on Jesus in the desert, it is a time to reflect on the idea that Mary and Joseph (with Jesus in Mary's womb) had to make a difficult journey to Bethlehem. I want to go to that place where Jesus was. I want to face my demons, and stand as a champion on Christmas day. Please pray for me so I can know just what I need to do to make this happen!

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