Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'd like to write a book.

I never know how to attack writing a book. I've wanted to write one for quite some time. The initial thought behind what I wanted to write ended up being something that lots of people were already talking about and I thought, "Why bother, by time I finish there will be so much out on this topic that my book wouldn't even make a splash".

This time, I honestly think that I'm onto something. While by no means do I think I have stumbled upon something that other people couldn't figure out by themselves, but this analogy that God has put on my heart and has used through me to help people understand things, just always seems to help them. So who am I to keep it? I should share it!

So I will try to compile this "book" in my head. Of course, it might end up short enough to be a pamphlet or something...I'll keep you posted!

Plus, it's something else I can do in my stationary spot. Another thing I can offer up for Haiti. I love Haiti.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Life is Funny!

Merry (Late) Christmas! Although I guess I'm not all that late since it is still the Christmas season in the Catholic Church.

I am totally pumped about this: The Saints Name Generator made my Jen over at Conversion Diary Blog!

I used it for the first time today and got St. Jan Sarkander (info here!) and I thought, "who the heck is this?" and almost clicked on "Find a New Saint" but instead clicked on "learn more"....

...one of his titles on the info. page is "Martyr of the Confessional"

If you know me, this is how life is funny. If you do not, then understand...I have a great struggle getting to confession. It's ridiculous actually.

So, I will learn this year, 2011 about this Saint and make him my new best friend (best intercessor) and prayer partner (if you will). I encourage you do check out the Name Generator and do the same! I have never heard of choosing a patron saint of the year, but I plan to make this tradition!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Spirit? Oh we've got that...

I've oftened wondered if my family will ever get the "right" Christmas spirit. Then I realized I was expecting too much and to just enjoy the ride with a crazy, loud, Italian family who cooks enough food in one night to feed the entire island of Haiti, and is upset if the small amount of us don't eat most of it.

Though I must say, tonight has surpassed all other nights to this point in one way. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Many years, I sit around and judge about how this is just not the holy way to ring in Christmas. I would then leave early and run to Church for "midnight" Mass to get into the holy and away from the crazy.

This year, I went to Mass with my grandfather, endured strange music that was off quite a bit (children's choir: claps during the Gloria, a fast upbeat song sang along to a cd playing for the start of Communion, just bizarro), but overall it was great because I didn't go alone and neither did my grandfather.

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards with my grandmother, then with my mom and grandmother right up until people arrived for dinner. (We hadn't even stopped early enough to have the table set before they came in)

I laughed almost all night, with my family, because we are loud and crazy Italians who cook and eat too much in one night! I finally was able to just be in my family and enjoy it. Here is the most memorable event of the evening for your laughing pleasure:

We had water boiling in a tea kettle to put into the Italian Coffee maker. It began to whistle so we yelled for my grandfather who was in charge of this...my uncle proceded to yell to him, "Dad, your water broke..." to which my grandfather played along holding his stomach and bending over as if he was in pain (labor pains that is). Then while making the coffee, my uncle asked him, "So how are the contractions?" and my grandfather's response was the funniest, "A couple minutes apart, I've got time".

The think that struck me most as funny was the legitimate claims and absolute ridiculousness of their joking around. I also appreciated the part of the night where a room full of adults (me being the youngest) were falling over laughing watching one of those animals where you press the button and it sings...this one also shakes and kept falling over...which is hysterical...apparently...oh what a sight! Praise the Lord for crazy families! I hope you all have one!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really? Just before Christmas?

I am mostly  blogging to ask for prayers from anyone reading this. Tomorrow at work, there will be an interesting event. A temporary employee made a very bad choice and spoke poorly of our supervisor to another permament employee. It just so happens that said employee who she spoke to is someone that our supervisor helped in a big way when she had a difficult family situation. Feeling a strong loyalty to our supervisor, she went and spoke to her about it. She also spoke to me about it because she had some ill things to say about me as well. Mind you, this temp. employee is someone who I have been working alongside with since August, training and encouraging to seek a permanent job.

Why does this bother me enough to blog about it? The supervisor is none other than my mom. Yea, that's right. My mom. And I have to be honest, after much thought, I could care less about anyone saying anything about me because I have built a good reputation with all of our permanent staff and have no reason to believe that anyone would think less of me, as they have witnessed me train this person equally to others and be nice, supportive, etc.

And while clearly, I do not think any one person could ever damage respect to my mom considering she's been working at Yale since shortly after I was born...it is still extremely hurtful when someone speaks lies about another's mom. I could not believe how quickly I was angered by that fact alone today. I just went to confession, thankfully, and so I prayed. "Come Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus" and managed to be pleasant to this employee all day (I didn't have to work directly with her today).

Tomorrow she is being notified that her assignment is being terminated with us. (Even though my mom was willing to let her stay on as a temp. even while the person she covers for is coming back from leave early, just to have extra support). I feel like I need to say something to her.

At first I wanted to tell her "watch what you say next time" or "You are a liar and I hope you don't believe in Karma" to wanting to just print out the lyrics to "Christmas Shoes" and write a note on there that says something like "All mom's are precious to their daughters, please think about that next time you say negative things behind someone's back". This idea came after I was listening to the radio in the car and a 12 year old girl called in requesting this very song to remind herself that even though her family is broken right now, there is hope and miracles do happen. I was so touched with her sweet words and it reminded me that miracles can happen. And if I can at least pass on something to make her think before she hurts others at her next job, than I should.

I'll post in a day or two to update on what I do. Please pray for discernment for me, and for a conversion for this girl.

My Penance is What?

If you read my quick takes from Friday, you would know that I was struggling with getting to confession!

I went to a different Church this Sunday for Mass since I was near my parents house. I am so glad I did. They made an announcement that there would be two chances for confession this week. Last night at 7:15 or 8:15 and Thursday at 7pm

Wow. What a parish to have Confession 3 times the week before Christmas! Beautiful!

I was praying a lot before that it would be a good confession. I went in and knelt down and like a wind out of nowhere, the Spirit forced the words out of me that I so badly needed to come out!

Then came the funny part. Well not totally funny, but strange I guess. Usually, at the very least, for penance, it is either a formal prayer (1 Our Father or 1 Decade of the Rosary, or a couple Decades) or a general prayer (pray for priests this week or something)...

..."Praise the name of Jesus...ya know, sometimes we call it a Mantra...but just repeat over and over 'I praise your Holy Name, Jesus...things like that...for about a minute or two, here or in the car or wherever"

You can imagine my thought process here, "Did this priest just tell me to be charismatic for my penance? And only a minute?"

Well, I was so grateful for a good confession that I almost couldn't stop praising in this "mantra" way, the entire hour car ride home. That was the easiest "penance" but the most amazing because the turmoil I was feeling for my actions before was pretty strong and very penance like, and after, I found all I wanted to do was worship/praise!

Dear Jesus, thank you for your inexhaustable mercies and unconditional love! Amen!

Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday again! This week felt so long even though I had a day off! Here are my 7 quick takes (http://www.conversiondiary.com/):

2 year old Nephew story: We were out to eat at a restaurant (me, my sister, the 3 kids, and my grandparents). They had put rolls/butter on the table. My youngest nephew Matthew is teething so my sister said "Oh let him gnaw on a role, see what he does". So I do...my 2 year old nephew, Jimmy, yells at me.
"Auntie...Achew NO TEETH...Auntie NO!" We learned that he definitely pays attention to us when we tell him, "Jimmy, thank you for wanting to share but your brother and sister have no teeth so please don't give them your fishies, "O"s (Cheerios), or "wheels" (the pasta that looks like wheels). Too funny.

Classes are OVER! I will never have a class on campus again. I will never have to work 8-4:30 so I can rush to Mcdonald's because I have class from 5:30-10pm. Next Semester, I have 2 online classes now. One the first 8 weeks (Intro to Computer Art) and then the re-take of my Psych Seminar towards the end of the first 8 weeks through the end of the semester. I could not be happier.

Painting?: Last night, I was feeling creative and my friend helped me get some decent enough starter art supplies for painting. I have canvas paper and watercolor paper, a small variety of acryllic paints, and a pallete full of watercolor paints. I also got 25 brushes for $6.99! Everything was on sale! Check out Michael's Craft Stores for Great prices and variety for creative outlets!!!

Confession! The age old debate in my mind...To go or to wait? I think there is this ideal situation in my head that I think will someday occur. I will love more than just the idea of confession, but love to go to confession just as much as the idea of it. I often feel I shouldn't go because I am not "ready" or I am not in the right "frame of mind"...but how could I be in the right frame of mind regarding something so perfectly holy, while in the state of sin? So in a sense, I believe I should force myself to the confessional, even though I do not feel like it, and go back to living my life face to face with my Savior instead of hiding from Him.

A! A what? A!!!! I almost missed the e-mail but just saw it now, I got an A on my Humanities Seminar Final Paper!!! I've turned everything in except a couple assignments so hopefully I can pull off a B in the class!

Work is crazy: The lower level of our building is being renovated and then we close on 12/23 for Christmas break. When we open back up for regular business on January 3rd, an entire department will be seeing patients on that floor, including an entire department that currently sees patients on my floor. The Neurology department from another building is moving in and the Neurosurgery department that uses our space will be moving down. It is a huge project to make sure everything will be ready to go....

...and a Nurse and PCA (Yale Hospital version of a Medical Assistant) are leaving on 1/7/11. So on top of the crazy move, sharing staff between floors, letting the dust settle, we're losing two employees from my floor. One, the nurse, has been our acting Nurse Supervisor for years. What a double hit for us! So it will be an interesting time and I am very glad that classes are light in the spring. Work will be sure to take everything out of me! Pray for all of us, that the transition goes as smoothly as possible! At least in the eyes of the patients!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

M' Sonje Ayiti Anpil!

I have been practicing my Creole and offering up prayer through Creole worship songs from my learning cd...and have been missing Haiti a lot.

The other day, I was mentioning the possible upcoming trip in March and my sister responded by saying, "Aren't things kind of dangerous down there right now? With the riots and stuff?"...

..I said yes and that, although it's risky, that shouldn't stop me. Then she said something that led me to really think about missionary work altogether:

"Well your not supposed to risk your life for this are you?"

And later as I contemplated her question...I thought, "If I don't risk my life, what worth is there in the work?"

Time and time again, Jesus tells us in the gospel that we must lay down our lives, pick up our cross and follow him, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, be last...and I'm pretty sure avoiding a risk to my earthly life is not included in the fine print of the Gospel.

When I was a teenager, and I had my conversion, I knew I did not want to live a lukewarm existence. If I won't risk my life for Christ, then who else would I risk it for? I honestly belief that it is simply training to be a parent.

We have to look to our role models: Our Blessed Mother gave up her physical body for Christ to dwell in, Jesus died so that we could have eternal life, Blessed Mother Theresa risked her entire life for the dignity of others, St. Gianna died so that her fourth child could live...if we learn anything about how to be a true success in this life in the eyes of God, we would risk our lives for the least of His people every single day!

Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Funny?

Funny is my nephew's favorite word. Whenever he laughs at something he goes "Hahahah Funny...funny...haha" and it's very cute. And that inspired me to attempt to do something quite humerous for 7 Quick Takes today!
Hosted Here by Jennifer!
Here are the words I had type before leaving comments on other blogs in order to prove that I am in fact human. I will attempt to define them and use them in a sentence for your laughing pleasure. Please feel free to use them in your daily life! :-)

Algap: 1: The space between the letter A and the L in the alphabet (the letters B-K collectively)
2: The distance between to persons by the name of "Al"
Sentence: The algap between them is about 5 miles long.

Poknin: 1: A slang term combing the phrase "poking in", meaning to check in on someone
Sentence: Hey sweety, I'm just poknin, how's that paper coming along?

Egiting: 1: To egit, carry out the act of egit
2: Egit, to git electronically
Sentence: Can you be sure your egiting on time daily?

Emates: 1: Online Pals in Australia
Sentence: I'm having a get together tonight in the chat room with all my emates!

HWCL: 1: Abbreviate of "How We Choose to List" as in what goes first or last on a list
Sentence: On our 7 Quick Takes blog, HWCL is very important to consider!

Hustag: 1:The latest breed of horse, complex breed including the Mustang and 2 other mixed breed horses
2: A multi-color tag
Sentence: For items that are on extreme markdown at the store, we lable them with a Hustag.

Hortude: 1: Slang for an extremely bad attitude
Sentence: That boy has a hortude that will get him in trouble fast!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I am very excited because it was Our Lady of Lourdes (my Franciscan University Household patronness) who introduced herself under this title.

I love going to Mass right on the day of feasts like this, but tomorrow is Wednesday... Work 8am-4:30pm + Class 5:30-10pm = No time for Mass!

Praise God for Vigil Masses! And Praise Him again for there being one in my own town tonight at 6pm (I will make it there just on time from work). Hopefully Mass will give me the inspiration to get all of my laundry/decorating/homework/dishes/cooking done afterward.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh my goodness, I wish I could ask for votes to win this!! I actually do not even care if I win, I was soooo excited to learn about this chaplet that she is giving away! Having a special devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes who gave us the beautiful title of herself as Immaculate Conception, learning that there is a Chaplet of prayer to her in this title, is AMAZING!

Check it out:

Full of Grace Creations Monday Morning Giveaway!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Auntie Auntie Auntie

Auntie...it is my favorite name I have ever had. For someone who has been wanting to be a mom for a very long time, and to have been blessed to be an Auntie first, the past 2 years have been beyond awesome, simply for that reason if no other.

This weekend I was spending more time with the babies. I was playing trains with the 2 year old when I got up to use the bathroom. I hear him from the living room..."Auntie, Auntie, Auntie, Auntie" until I came back in the room. To be wanted...sought after...called upon by this wonderful title, brought me such great joy.

I thought, "I wish I could have this all the time"....Oh wait, I do! (Not my nephew though)

Deep Thought:

Every second of every day, my God is wanting me, seeking me, calling me by name to come to Him.


In the inner room of my heart! In the quiet that is heaven on earth! As my nephew would say, "otder room, Auntie".

As I reflect on this, I recall that I never ignore or neglect the call of the cutest 2 year old I know, yet all too often, especially lately, have I not only neglected, but blatantly blocked out the voice of my God.

I am brought back to the simple prayer I found myself praying at a holy hour I had mentioned a week or so ago..."Jesus, increase my desire for you"

My goal is to make this simple prayer as common in my heart/mind as I possibly can...I know my desire for Him will increase, if I only ask.

Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!!!


I really want to dive into photography and all things creative. I have been viewing lots of fellow blogger's Etsy shops. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/sewmelody and http://www.etsy.com/shop/FullOfGraceCreations) Of course check them out! This has completely increased my desire to be creative. The problem I have right now is: No Camera, no sewing machine (or knowledge of how to use one)...

...but I can KNIT...well barely! I learned to knit at Franciscan University of course! I was only there for one year, so I learned in two days just how to start something, in a "basic pattern" and keep going in one stream. Aka: I can make a pot holder, scarf, table runner. I do not know how to finish anything off....nor a clue about good quality yarn.....

...and I really wish I knew how to crochet instead! So, hopefully with only 2 classes (1, 8 wk online and 1, 16 wk class) I can catch a class on "How To" (Or you can comment with links to how to videos online?) ::wink wink:::

Yesterday, my sister emailed a funny story about my neice and nephew. My 5 month old niece woke up from her nap in her crib...my sister was in the middle of something, so just checked the video monitor...my 2 year old nephew had climbed into the crib. When my sister asked him why he went in there, he said that she needed a pillow and that they needed to buy her one. I will remind you, he just turned 2!
I just love how they are so honest and factual about things!

I packed my lunch today. My parents had dinner with my grandparents last night, I couldn't go because I had class...My grandmother packed me lunch for today too. My goodness, am I blessed or what?

I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet! :-(

7: The amount of classes I have to go to before the end of the semester. 1 Humanities, 4 Religion, 2 History/Systems of Psychology! Praise be to God on High!!!! This means that I am 7 classes away from never having to go to my campus more than once a week! I want to shout from the rooftops about it I'm SO excited!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love: Words and Actions

After reading this post at "A Women's Place..." and it's original post/comments and other comments on articles recently I was thinking a lot about our words.

Then either last night or this morning (yes, I know, sad I can't remember) I was thinking about our actions.

This led me to meditate on love which led me directly to the source...The Holy Trinity.

I know there is a mystery there that scholars/theologians have discussed, debated, and taught on for centuries and I am not going to even dare touch that world. Yet I couldn't help but most my thoughts here.

In the Holy Trinity, God perpetually gives His live to Jesus, who perpetually gives his live back to the Father, and from that giving, the Holy Spirit proceeds from that. ( I use proceed from the Nicene Creed, scroll down to see the texts!)

We also say, "God is Love". If God is love, then it would be, in my assumption here, that the act of giving that sustains the Trinity, is love.

From this, I was brought back to word and action. In a sense, both of these things are things that come out of us. We speak out words and we our actions are outward expressions (behavior). Additionally, we are made in God's image. The image of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Can you see where I'm going?

If we allow ourselves to live truly in the image of God, in which we are made, then we would truly love through our words and actions. If we would give sacrificially in our words and actions, of ourselves to others, then we would grasp love in a radical way.