Monday, April 15, 2013

Mary's Mission

Tonight, as I was trying to sleep, I began to pray a rosary. (Admittedly, I only started praying with hopes that I'd fall asleep before the first decade was over) While I was praying, I was contemplating the reading I had just done from my consecration preparation book, 33 Days to Morning Glory. (Consecration Info Here)

The reading for the past 2 days have been about the importance and logical reason to give everything to Mary by means of consecration. The main focus is giving her everything right down to the merits of our prayers to use as she pleases. The author, Fr. Michael Gaitley, presents our human issues with this idea. He surmises that we would be hesitant because normally we'd like to tell God, Jesus, and even Mary how to spend the merits of our prayers. For example, if we say a rosary, we want to dictate who that rosary should benefit. Through consecration to Mary, we give up that 'control' and we place our trust in Mary's generosity, according to Fr. Gaitley. 

While praying, I started to think of the people I wanted to offer up my rosary for. Then I thought of the people Mary might know of that needed my rosary. One group is definitely larger. Then it hit me. How many souls can be reached through the grace and merits of one person's prayers if we let Mary have control?

The answer is: an unfathomable number of souls. 

The idea is that together with Mary, through this consecration of our heart to hers, we can accomplish this mission for souls without ever leaving home. Through this offering of our total self, including the merits of our prayer or sacrifice, we can be great missionaries. The excitement of this thought might be why I got out of bed just to type this all up, rather than fall asleep. I hope it excites you too! If you made a consecration before but have lost site of it, like I did, renew with a new preparation. If you have never done one, check it out! The next start date (that finishes with consecration on the feast of the Visitation) is April 28th. 

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