Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friendship & life.


I came to a decision today about friendship. I often feel that lonely feeling where I am tempted to say "I have no friends" because I am not constantly surrounded by one group of people that share everything and have tons of good times. Today, I met an old friend for lunch on my way home from NH. This led me to think.

I have not seen this friend in probably a year or so, yet we had lunch and talked like it was a week ago when we last talked. I would rather the amazing friendships that I have like this, than trade it for a small group that I see weekly. To have so many people, spanning this country, that I may not see for weeks, months, or even years, that I can meet up with and have it be like we did not miss a beat, is a blessing beyond words.


I am struggling. Let's face it, school and work are more than I can handle. Taking on responsibilities, training people, and being mentally exhausted before I even  head to school is not good. School is hard.

People keep telling me "but you are so close to being done with school!" Well, I know that. It doesn't seem to help me because I am not done yet and I'm overwhelmed now!!!

My faith is not that strong right now either. I mean I know God is here with me, so I guess that means it is strong, knowing though I don't feel it. But I have not had the best prayer life by definition and definitely need confession. I miss and long for Eucharist and for grace. I want to change my life and need God desperately to save me. (Maybe that will be another post this week).

Chris Sligh explains my life at this point!


  1. Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad I found yours!
    Anyway, I also notice in my own life that when my prayer life is lacking, life seems so much more overwhelming. It is such a reality check that we need to rely on Christ!

  2. Megan, thanks for checking out the blog! Lots of reality checks going on in this life lately! Thanks for checking out the blog!