Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Update From Johnna

It's been a while since we've heard yet another update from Johnna in Haiti. The internet and then the electricity went down. She was able to squeeze in an update somehow.

I couldn't help but notice in her note certain words that have struck a cord in my personal life. She mentioned that they spent a week in Port Au Prince looking for orphans to bring back to the village. She mentioned what an ADVENTURE it was. Adventure was the word confirming that I am to move to a new town once my current lease is up.

She spoke of a recent day or two that the WIND was so strong everyone dressed in long pants and hooded sweatshirts (an oddity I'm sure for the heat of Haiti), and the past two days here in my town we've had a huge rain storm, with winds so bad that when I went out yesterday, sometimes I could barely open my car door and sometimes I could barely pull it shut. The trees looked like hurricane footage from the news. (Not too typical of CT weather)

After feeling so distant from Haiti in my heart, this update from Johnna brought me right back in my desire to never forget to pray, never to forget the mission that God has put on my heart. On Saturday morning, two doctors from my office (two of my favorite actually), Trauma surgeons, left for Haiti to help the injured/sick. This Wednesday, more friends will be able to on mission there.

And here I stay, strongly reminded of this also important stationary mission of the heart. Going spiritually where I can not go physically until God's will allows. Blessed Mother, wrap those doctors, your missionaries and the people of Haiti in your Mantle of protection today and forever and present them holy and perfect at the feet of your Son on the Cross that His blood may pour over them, wash them, and make them new! Amen!