Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mission of Motherhood

Today is my last day of 'family vacation'. I came to NJ earlier this week to join my sister and brother-in-law at their summer rental and my parents were here as well. 

If I haven't mentioned before, my sister has 4 children. A 4 1/2 year old boy, 3 year old twins (one girl, one boy), and an 8 month old girl. Yes, we all know, yikes!

There have been many precious moments between all of us. On the flip side, there has been many insane moments as well. This short week with them has led me to believe that all moms have answered a call to be a missionary. 

Here are my reasons:

1. Nothing is about you. Your agenda, your best intentions, your desires come last, if ever at all in the grand scheme of your life. You willingly lay that down for those you serve. (Ok, so maybe you fight it, kick, and scream, but you do it nonetheless) 

2. You (apparently) speak a different language than everyone else. On a mission, you may try to speak the language of the people you serve. As a mom, you are speaking the right language. When you speak, no one seems to understand. And just as with foreign languages, speaking louder doesn't always mean they understand you better. 

3. Clothe the naked? Give drink to the thirsty? Feed the hungry? Oh yes! Start the lines! Apparently growing children are just as hungry as the poor and needy! 

4. Sacrifice and love are required at all times. I can't think of any person in any of these vocations that does not have an understanding of sacrificial love. It truly is not an option. I am so grateful to have so many witnesses of this in my life. 

5. You can always expect the unexpected. Whether a vehicle breaks down or a child throws up, there always seems to be a wrench thrown into your plans. It's best to not be caught off guard by the wrench and just keep an eye out for it! Sure the wrench may still show up, but at least you won't have a black eye! 

So, mothers, even if you never leave your home state (or town even), you are on a mission. God has called you and you have said yes.