Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Here goes nothing:
I started my midterm for Humanities last night...finished it today and submitted. I barely did a work cited page. Hopefully I will get an A

My resume was not forwarded to the hiring supervisors for the job I wanted...the people in the department were made aware, they are going to try to re-write adn repost the job because they actually want me in the position. Gras a Dye! (Thanks be to God in Creole)

Tonight, I'm continuing and finishing up the tradition with my friend Phil, of seeing the Saw horror films in the movie theatre as soon as it comes out. We're going to the midnight showing....after I've worked 8-4:30, finished a mid term and sat through 2 classes from 5:30-10pm. I am CRAZY! But I don't have work tomorrow...

I don't have to work tomorrow. I plan to sleep then hopefully head down earlier than 5/6pm to PA to see my sister and the kids AGAIN! This will be the 3rd weekend in a row and I can't be happier!

My newest Religion class= AWFUL...religion classes at liberal arts colleges are just awful for conservative Catholics/Christians. I'm praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance on what place I need to take in this atmosphere.

I've been feeling kinda sick for the past week...started with some swollen tonsils, they were irritated...led to a stuffy nose...some sinus issues....and get this: worse at home...feel better at WORK....seriously? That is kinda messed up!

My  lovely Humanities professor is showing us a movie about Malcolm X and then we'll be dismissed. Bless his heart because I rushed here to do the midterm and didn't grab I'll have a break to grab dinner before the 8pm class. And our assignment for next week is simpler than they have been. Bless his soul!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blog Post Schedule

I have been getting into reading lots of new blogs recently (over the last week) and I've found that it might help to get into this blog scene like I want to, if I organized my  blog a little bit better.

My goal will be to post certain things on certain days of the week.

Sunday: Reflection

Monday: Work Week Related Post

Wednesday: School Update Post (will change after December of course!) :-)

Friday: 7 Quick Things (? Not sure...but it seems this is a blog trend that is fun!)

Work Week Post to follow!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Reflection

Today is my 26th Birthday. I woke up feeling sick but to a big smile and giggle from my almost 2 yr old nephew. Joy was definitely present because he having his morning milk and enjoying his morning shows, then started running around the family room showing off. I asked for a hug and he continued to run, but the 4 month old  nephew opened  his arms to me to make up for it.

I am torn about this birthday. I feel like it's the least exciting I've had. I guess that happens. I guess there are a lot of things that I am in waiting for that keep me from being completely excited. reflecting, though this day may not be monumental...this year of my life has been the most amazing yet. I find myself saying that every year, but this year, once again tops it all. Here's a review, in case you  missed anything:

- My sister gave birth to two beautiful, healthy, good size twins! My little M & M were born on 6/16, kicking up the summer with a bang!

- My oldest nephew learned my favorite new word (among tons of others of course), AUNTIE, and uses more and more frequently with every passing day.

- God Blessed me with a refund from school, which allowed me to go on my first (of hopefully many) trip to Haiti!

- The realization that this is my last full semester at school.

- I've learned to trust in ways more than I could ever have dreamed.

- I have moved to a quiet town, with nature surrounding me, and a great deal of simplicity.

- My grandfather had surgery and came out of it just fine.

I am sure there are more, but I'm now distracted by laughing babies. Thanks for sharing in my year of joy and goodness!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Lessons, Teach Me Your Way oh Lord!

This week has been one of many lessons. Today being the greatest. As I continued to see posts in my news feed about the rising number of deaths in Haiti due to the outbreak of Cholera, I felt more and more like I was getting sick myself. Literally, last night I started to notice that my tonsils were a little swollen (they do this often). Then as today went on, I noticed a headache build...then the soreness in my face in my sinuses. All I could think of was, "I can't possibly cook, would love something softer to eat, I wish there was a Boston Market near my house". As I was thinking these things and I almost outwardly complained in the car about being starving and exhausted, God gently reminded me of my brothers and sisters in Haiti.

People, hundreds, are dying...from a sickness causing diahrea...and I don't feel like cooking because I have a little bit of sinus issues. I would like, not only just a drive through, but one of my favorite choices. People are dying. People living out of ridiculous tent housing 9 months after a terrible earthquake are dying from a sicknes that causes diahrea.

Hello Life Lesson of the Day. Lord, I offer you my life, my headache, my soreness, my everything. I offer it all to you for the people of Haiti suffering. Teach me your way, the way of sacrifice for love of others. Help me to die to myself and glorify you.

"That, in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease ...Lord, grant me the grace to desire it" -from the Litany of Humility

Monday, October 18, 2010

Haiti & My Heart

M' Sonje Ayiti ANPIL! (I miss Haiti a LOT).

This past weekend I drove to visit my sister/brother-in-law and the kids. On my way, I got stuck in random traffic and decided to throw on the Creole Lesson cd that Emily made for our group to practice with before our trip. I got to the song parts and realized just how much I really was learning. There are some words that I just can't say fully as fast as they are sung, so a few words while singing get mushed together, but I know what they are saying. I've also been digging into my Creole Made Easy book at home the past week.
I miss the kids a lot. I've seen tons of children in the past few weeks, but I long for the kids in Duverger. With all of my heart...I long to witness that trust, as I continually prove to myself how much of it I still have to learn.

I was singing and dancing like a fool in the car but it was so much fun. The joy of the Lord will be my strength!

Friday, October 8, 2010


In a note that Johnna wrote recently about Manno (a friend from Haiti) and his first ever trip to the US, his first time ever out of Haiti in his whole life, she mentioned the difference between Haiti and the US in a way I had never thought of before, which led me to think about freedom.

This part is what struck me very deeply: "Walking next to him I realized how big and out of place his movements were. In Haiti his size and voice and exaggerated, excited movements just seem to make sense. Maybe because Haiti doesn’t contain people at all, but rather just lets you spill out across the mountains. But in a crowd of excited Disney Tourists I thought maybe America was too small for him."

The part about Haiti doesn't contain people at all and America being too small...for someone from Haiti...The idea is actually ludicrous. America is, by land mass definitions, huge compared to the small half an island that is Haiti. But it is true, in America, we have to "fit in" where in Haiti, my short limited experience was to break out, and be all. Be all in a sense that I could be a holy, mature, woman of God, yet in the very next second, be a laughing, childlike person going around the dinner table shouting back and forth with kids "Ou Fou, Ou Fou" (You are a fool) and laughing till no end. I could be a clothing supplier in one moment, and a beach lover the next. I could be mother, friend, sister, helper and the helpee all at once. While here in my own country, I feel as though we are expected to just simply grow up and be a responsible member of society and "fit in". Fit into what I'm not exactly sure.

Fit in to the right clothes? Fit in to the right social group? Fit in to the right Church community even? It is funny how much of my Humanities Seminar is fitting to my life. We just read from a book written by a guy, Bellah, and he talks about the seperation of people from the First Language in America (the self, individualism) from the second language (Community) and how that could be detrimental to our society. I think in Haiti, the first language is Community and honestly, I would dare to say they don't even have any other language.

For the first time ever, when I was in Haiti, I was surrounded by people of a different race, yet no one cared, literally, we were all one bodu, believers in the dignity that we all share. I got off the truck to be embraced with love. I gave and received love instantly. There was no "let me get to know you first" just happened. There was no difference in our village between orphans and kids with parents, we all came together, we all laughed and loved.

Dear Jesus,
You are teaching me so much and I am so grateful. May I continue to learn life's lessons from meditating on this amazing trip.  Draw me closer to you. Help me to lead others closer to You and the idea that you created each individual human being on this planet and each one deserves respect in their dignity as human persons, even if that comes with a cost. Amen!