Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparation (Not related to food...)

This morning, I was on facebook and read someone's status which mentioned how silly an idea it is to count our blessings instead of simply being thankful for them.

My first response was, "Gee, how could we ever count all of our blessings anyway? There are simply too many of them!"

In preparation for Thanksgiving, let's take time each day this week and be truly thankful for all of the many blessings/gifts we have been given in this life, especially if we're struggling right now. If you find something you are just overly grateful for, please comment and tell me about it!!!

Right now, I'm overly thankful for unexpectedly having a friend and her daughter over for dinner tomorrow night.


  1. i'll be the first to respond. i am overly thankful this year for my health, my children, the health of my family, and for having the most amazing and giving family a person could ever ask for. i am thankful to have a wonderful sister, the godmother of my children, who loves them almost as much as i do!

  2. Wow, i didn't expect you to post on my blog! Thank you so much!!! I am also VERY thankful for those things, your health, the health of your awesome children! I am thankful to be their Godmother! And Thank you for the words of affirmation. Speaking of you still have that kitchen aid you were going to give me? Our kitchen ladies in Haiti could use one...Linda Brennan def. has one but in case 2 will help them, figured I'd ask!