Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'd like to write a book.

I never know how to attack writing a book. I've wanted to write one for quite some time. The initial thought behind what I wanted to write ended up being something that lots of people were already talking about and I thought, "Why bother, by time I finish there will be so much out on this topic that my book wouldn't even make a splash".

This time, I honestly think that I'm onto something. While by no means do I think I have stumbled upon something that other people couldn't figure out by themselves, but this analogy that God has put on my heart and has used through me to help people understand things, just always seems to help them. So who am I to keep it? I should share it!

So I will try to compile this "book" in my head. Of course, it might end up short enough to be a pamphlet or something...I'll keep you posted!

Plus, it's something else I can do in my stationary spot. Another thing I can offer up for Haiti. I love Haiti.

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