Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really? Just before Christmas?

I am mostly  blogging to ask for prayers from anyone reading this. Tomorrow at work, there will be an interesting event. A temporary employee made a very bad choice and spoke poorly of our supervisor to another permament employee. It just so happens that said employee who she spoke to is someone that our supervisor helped in a big way when she had a difficult family situation. Feeling a strong loyalty to our supervisor, she went and spoke to her about it. She also spoke to me about it because she had some ill things to say about me as well. Mind you, this temp. employee is someone who I have been working alongside with since August, training and encouraging to seek a permanent job.

Why does this bother me enough to blog about it? The supervisor is none other than my mom. Yea, that's right. My mom. And I have to be honest, after much thought, I could care less about anyone saying anything about me because I have built a good reputation with all of our permanent staff and have no reason to believe that anyone would think less of me, as they have witnessed me train this person equally to others and be nice, supportive, etc.

And while clearly, I do not think any one person could ever damage respect to my mom considering she's been working at Yale since shortly after I was born...it is still extremely hurtful when someone speaks lies about another's mom. I could not believe how quickly I was angered by that fact alone today. I just went to confession, thankfully, and so I prayed. "Come Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus" and managed to be pleasant to this employee all day (I didn't have to work directly with her today).

Tomorrow she is being notified that her assignment is being terminated with us. (Even though my mom was willing to let her stay on as a temp. even while the person she covers for is coming back from leave early, just to have extra support). I feel like I need to say something to her.

At first I wanted to tell her "watch what you say next time" or "You are a liar and I hope you don't believe in Karma" to wanting to just print out the lyrics to "Christmas Shoes" and write a note on there that says something like "All mom's are precious to their daughters, please think about that next time you say negative things behind someone's back". This idea came after I was listening to the radio in the car and a 12 year old girl called in requesting this very song to remind herself that even though her family is broken right now, there is hope and miracles do happen. I was so touched with her sweet words and it reminded me that miracles can happen. And if I can at least pass on something to make her think before she hurts others at her next job, than I should.

I'll post in a day or two to update on what I do. Please pray for discernment for me, and for a conversion for this girl.

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