Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love: Words and Actions

After reading this post at "A Women's Place..." and it's original post/comments and other comments on articles recently I was thinking a lot about our words.

Then either last night or this morning (yes, I know, sad I can't remember) I was thinking about our actions.

This led me to meditate on love which led me directly to the source...The Holy Trinity.

I know there is a mystery there that scholars/theologians have discussed, debated, and taught on for centuries and I am not going to even dare touch that world. Yet I couldn't help but most my thoughts here.

In the Holy Trinity, God perpetually gives His live to Jesus, who perpetually gives his live back to the Father, and from that giving, the Holy Spirit proceeds from that. ( I use proceed from the Nicene Creed, scroll down to see the texts!)

We also say, "God is Love". If God is love, then it would be, in my assumption here, that the act of giving that sustains the Trinity, is love.

From this, I was brought back to word and action. In a sense, both of these things are things that come out of us. We speak out words and we our actions are outward expressions (behavior). Additionally, we are made in God's image. The image of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Can you see where I'm going?

If we allow ourselves to live truly in the image of God, in which we are made, then we would truly love through our words and actions. If we would give sacrificially in our words and actions, of ourselves to others, then we would grasp love in a radical way.

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