Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Funny?

Funny is my nephew's favorite word. Whenever he laughs at something he goes "Hahahah Funny...funny...haha" and it's very cute. And that inspired me to attempt to do something quite humerous for 7 Quick Takes today!
Hosted Here by Jennifer!
Here are the words I had type before leaving comments on other blogs in order to prove that I am in fact human. I will attempt to define them and use them in a sentence for your laughing pleasure. Please feel free to use them in your daily life! :-)

Algap: 1: The space between the letter A and the L in the alphabet (the letters B-K collectively)
2: The distance between to persons by the name of "Al"
Sentence: The algap between them is about 5 miles long.

Poknin: 1: A slang term combing the phrase "poking in", meaning to check in on someone
Sentence: Hey sweety, I'm just poknin, how's that paper coming along?

Egiting: 1: To egit, carry out the act of egit
2: Egit, to git electronically
Sentence: Can you be sure your egiting on time daily?

Emates: 1: Online Pals in Australia
Sentence: I'm having a get together tonight in the chat room with all my emates!

HWCL: 1: Abbreviate of "How We Choose to List" as in what goes first or last on a list
Sentence: On our 7 Quick Takes blog, HWCL is very important to consider!

Hustag: 1:The latest breed of horse, complex breed including the Mustang and 2 other mixed breed horses
2: A multi-color tag
Sentence: For items that are on extreme markdown at the store, we lable them with a Hustag.

Hortude: 1: Slang for an extremely bad attitude
Sentence: That boy has a hortude that will get him in trouble fast!


  1. That was a brilliant idea! Aw man, now I'm going to start paying attention to the captchas! There are so many hidden meanings... I never knew...

  2. P.S. My captcha for that one was "ungins" - the 3-year-old's version of the word "underwear."

  3. just want to be clear...I made all of these up out of nowhere...but that one is funny too...

  4. I know you made them up, they were cute!