Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday again! This week felt so long even though I had a day off! Here are my 7 quick takes (

2 year old Nephew story: We were out to eat at a restaurant (me, my sister, the 3 kids, and my grandparents). They had put rolls/butter on the table. My youngest nephew Matthew is teething so my sister said "Oh let him gnaw on a role, see what he does". So I 2 year old nephew, Jimmy, yells at me.
"Auntie...Achew NO TEETH...Auntie NO!" We learned that he definitely pays attention to us when we tell him, "Jimmy, thank you for wanting to share but your brother and sister have no teeth so please don't give them your fishies, "O"s (Cheerios), or "wheels" (the pasta that looks like wheels). Too funny.

Classes are OVER! I will never have a class on campus again. I will never have to work 8-4:30 so I can rush to Mcdonald's because I have class from 5:30-10pm. Next Semester, I have 2 online classes now. One the first 8 weeks (Intro to Computer Art) and then the re-take of my Psych Seminar towards the end of the first 8 weeks through the end of the semester. I could not be happier.

Painting?: Last night, I was feeling creative and my friend helped me get some decent enough starter art supplies for painting. I have canvas paper and watercolor paper, a small variety of acryllic paints, and a pallete full of watercolor paints. I also got 25 brushes for $6.99! Everything was on sale! Check out Michael's Craft Stores for Great prices and variety for creative outlets!!!

Confession! The age old debate in my mind...To go or to wait? I think there is this ideal situation in my head that I think will someday occur. I will love more than just the idea of confession, but love to go to confession just as much as the idea of it. I often feel I shouldn't go because I am not "ready" or I am not in the right "frame of mind"...but how could I be in the right frame of mind regarding something so perfectly holy, while in the state of sin? So in a sense, I believe I should force myself to the confessional, even though I do not feel like it, and go back to living my life face to face with my Savior instead of hiding from Him.

A! A what? A!!!! I almost missed the e-mail but just saw it now, I got an A on my Humanities Seminar Final Paper!!! I've turned everything in except a couple assignments so hopefully I can pull off a B in the class!

Work is crazy: The lower level of our building is being renovated and then we close on 12/23 for Christmas break. When we open back up for regular business on January 3rd, an entire department will be seeing patients on that floor, including an entire department that currently sees patients on my floor. The Neurology department from another building is moving in and the Neurosurgery department that uses our space will be moving down. It is a huge project to make sure everything will be ready to go....

...and a Nurse and PCA (Yale Hospital version of a Medical Assistant) are leaving on 1/7/11. So on top of the crazy move, sharing staff between floors, letting the dust settle, we're losing two employees from my floor. One, the nurse, has been our acting Nurse Supervisor for years. What a double hit for us! So it will be an interesting time and I am very glad that classes are light in the spring. Work will be sure to take everything out of me! Pray for all of us, that the transition goes as smoothly as possible! At least in the eyes of the patients!

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