Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!!!


I really want to dive into photography and all things creative. I have been viewing lots of fellow blogger's Etsy shops. ( and Of course check them out! This has completely increased my desire to be creative. The problem I have right now is: No Camera, no sewing machine (or knowledge of how to use one)...

...but I can KNIT...well barely! I learned to knit at Franciscan University of course! I was only there for one year, so I learned in two days just how to start something, in a "basic pattern" and keep going in one stream. Aka: I can make a pot holder, scarf, table runner. I do not know how to finish anything off....nor a clue about good quality yarn.....

...and I really wish I knew how to crochet instead! So, hopefully with only 2 classes (1, 8 wk online and 1, 16 wk class) I can catch a class on "How To" (Or you can comment with links to how to videos online?) ::wink wink:::

Yesterday, my sister emailed a funny story about my neice and nephew. My 5 month old niece woke up from her nap in her sister was in the middle of something, so just checked the video 2 year old nephew had climbed into the crib. When my sister asked him why he went in there, he said that she needed a pillow and that they needed to buy her one. I will remind you, he just turned 2!
I just love how they are so honest and factual about things!

I packed my lunch today. My parents had dinner with my grandparents last night, I couldn't go because I had class...My grandmother packed me lunch for today too. My goodness, am I blessed or what?

I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet! :-(

7: The amount of classes I have to go to before the end of the semester. 1 Humanities, 4 Religion, 2 History/Systems of Psychology! Praise be to God on High!!!! This means that I am 7 classes away from never having to go to my campus more than once a week! I want to shout from the rooftops about it I'm SO excited!!

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  1. If you decide to get a sewing machine, *don't* get a really cheap one. I got a $30 one from Target a couple years ago, and it was TERRIBLE...the bobbin came unthreaded after every seam, and it didn't finish seams well. Get a good quality used one (Singer is a good brand, generally, don't know much about others) if you're going to get one.