Thursday, February 4, 2010


This week, in offering up different things for Johnna in particular (one of the two Americans with MWTS who is in Haiti being the orphanage mom), I learned something I hadn't thought of before.

Johnna had written an update this week that touched my heart in a new way. I think part of me noticed that although she is strong, she needed consolation in order to keep from breaking since the situation there changes daily and is kinda hectic. (This of course is totally my own interpretation so I apologize if I missed the boat)

So I had been offering up sitting through class or being at work, or difficult patients. Then as I got ready for bed, I said "I'm going to offer up my good night sleep for Johnna and those in the village who probably aren't getting a good night sleep" Now to me, that sounded funny. So I thought I was coming up wiht this novel idea of offering up the good and the bad....then today on my way to work, I recalled a song, "I give you my heart, I give you my soul, I live for you alone" And at lunch I recalled my household verse, "Give yourselves as sacrifice to God". Your very self. And my self if you will, includes good and bad...things I enjoy, things I don't and I don't have to wait for the bad/sorrow/struggles in order to "offer it up".

Therefore, I realize that it's possible, in my current state of being, I can still lay down my entire life for this Mission.

Third Day Song, Offering:
The only thing that I can give You

Is the life You gave to me
This is my offering, dear Lord
This is my offering to You, God
And I will give You my life
For it’s all I have to give
Because You gave Your life for me
I stand before You at this altar
So many have given You more
I may not have much I can offer
Yet what I have is truly Yours

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