Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday was the one month anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti.

Last night, I went to a healing Mass. As people were going up to get prayed over, I opened a book that I keep in my purse called "My Daily Bread" put out by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood.

It's made up of small chapters and written mainly as a daily devotional to draw one to perfection of holiness.

In each little chapter there is 3 parts. Christ (a message from God), Think: (written in first person what we are to think) and Pray: a prayer to do the things in parts 1 and 2.

I randomly opened to Chapter 37, in Book Two, Part Two (that's how its all divided up). It's title was "Interior Transformation"

I read and it spoke to my heart...every line. It spoke of offering everything in order to attain grace for others. And in the last lines of the Think section, "The more I devote myself to the imitation of Christ in my daily life, the more actual graces can I obtain for people throughout the world" 

And the last line of the Pray section: "You have granted me the privilage of helpng You in this glorious task.....I hope to keep before my eyes the grand, worldwide mission which You have laid before me-the mission of gaining actual graces for people in need."

I praise you Lord for calling us to help accomplish your mission of salvation. A mission that is not just for priests and religious, and even more, a mission that does not even require that we go anywhere. From any place and time, we can offer ourselves for graces to be poured out onto others! May we be able to do this especially for our Haitian brothers and sisters in their dire time of need. And for others in all parts of the world! Amen!

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