Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beginning a Blog

From all of the people I know who have started a blog, it's usually related to a topic of their life. I.e.: Motherhood, travels, missions, etc.

I am starting this as a blog for my unmoving mission. Funny huh?

Well here's the deal: I am involved in a ministry that has a mission in Haiti. Check out this entire deal at for more details on the mission. Ever since last summer, I've had a fire burning in me to go to Haiti. It never seems to work. I know a lot of people who have been there on a mission, know people who are there now working and living, etc. It does not seem to be in God's will just yet for me to go there. But I still feel very strongly that I am to be involved. The most strong call I've had on my heart is to pray. And pray hard for Haiti. The desire to spend time in prayer, offering up daily activities, joys, sorrows/struggles, has grown increasingly large since the earthquake in January.

So, in the spirit of St. Therese of the Little Flower, who wanted to be all vocations to all people, I'm going to blog about my "non" journey, "unmoving" mission for Haiti.

As St. Therese sacrificed doing mission work or every possible vocation physically, to join with Jesus to do those things in her heart through love, I will try to keep joy in knowing that Jesus in on a mission in Haiti, and if I join my heart to his from here, my desire to do great things for Haiti will be fulfilled in Christ.

You'll also have to deal with me trying to pick up some minor Creole because it fascinates me and I really do hope to eventually down the road physically go there if it be God's will!

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