Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Class - Holiness

I am sitting in my Psychological Assessment class. I finally got a laptop that I could actually register with Albertus to use wireless here on campus. Praise the Lord! So when questions that are asked that I do not really need to know. I go online. Like now.

I can't stop thinking about Haiti.
Lately I've also been thinking a lot about holiness. I keep thinking about the movies I watched on Saturday about Pope John Paul II (Karol: A Man Who Became Pope and Karol: The Pope, The Man) and how I want to know the Christ he knew in order to be as holy like he was. And I realized this:

I do know Christ. I can grow in holiness. And I think it must be a great sadness to Christ that so many Christians see other holy people, even assume holiness in others so much, and focus on that so much, that we miss out on opportunities for ourselves to grow in holiness and closer to Christ.
Does that make sense? I'm pretty sure it does. I just thought of how many people I put up on pedestals and say "Wow they are soo close to God" and if I spoke/thought that less, I'd be closer to Jesus. And it's confirmed to me by a quote in the movie "The Wedding Date" which is altogether nothing close to a religious/holy movie. But at point one character says "I've had her up on a pedestal ever since...well ever since I put her up there". If we spend less time putting others on pedestals, we'd be much holier.

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