Friday, February 5, 2010


I am the world's worst fast-er. I either give in or forget.

And I fell into the "Ignorance is Bliss" category by making the excuse of well "I don't know if that means I can only have bread and water, and I don't understand 2 small meals and 1 large meal, in America, what is a small meal?"

So lately, in my search for giving things up, and the ability to give things up, discipline must be growing within me. I always hear people say, "pray for patience, and God will give you something to wait for". Well that made me nervous to pray for discipline, but I did a while ago. I was living very "freely" according to the world, doing whatever I pleased and whenever. I just knew that it wasn't leading me anywhere good.

Then I realized that there are so many needs of others and so many excesses in my life. If I could make some sacrifices, maybe other's needs could be met.

Last Friday, I decided that I could just fast, and make my own rules instead of claiming ignorance. I decided to not eat meat. Today, one week later, I tried the small meals (meals with sides) and no snacking in between and no meat. It's going well. I realize a lot of discipline going on that I did not know I had.

Then Johnna updated her status today that they had 200 people attend a fast on a mountain they did in Haiti today. In my best success in fasting thus far in my life, I found the people of Haiti were fasting too. I felt connected at that moment. (That's the only reason I'm posting again today)

Gras a Dye!

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