Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Mini" Mission

Tonight I was at a concert of a band that used to sing at the Church I used to go to. They are doing a benefit concert for Haiti two nights before the MWTS concert Sean is doing. The show will be in the gym at St. James Church in Stratford CT. Thursday, Feb. 18th at 7pm. The money they raise will go to MWTS Mission Haiti. When I heard this, I just felt called to tell the story, to be a voice for those in Haiti.

I talked with my dear friend who sings for the band tonight at the concert. I asked him if I could please read some excerpts from the notes that Johnna has been posting on facebook about the village, so they can hear first hand the amazing stories, and know what their money is going to support. He agreed to let me at the start of the show. Before or after they show the video that is on the website. I hope that I can truly do her words justice.

I doubt I will be able to do it without tears, and possibly even laughter. I just hope that God will allow the hope and joy of the Haitian people to be present to those who attend the concert to inspire their greatest generosity.

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