Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blessings From God!

Never before last night have I seen the hand of God work in a random situation so perfectly.

I ended up pretty far from home, in a room full of holy women friends of mine, talking and waiting for Derek to pick me up. (Yes, Derek is the guy!) We had agreed to meet up for a drink but then my plans changed but he still wanted to meet me.

He came into the house and impressed everyone pretty quickly. We went to the Brew Pub up the road from my friend's. There was nowhere to sit at the bar so I asked if he wanted to come back to the house. He said no, we should just give this a try. So he went off to order drinks and I grabbed a great table. A couple of people came up and asked if they could just sit with us since there were no other seats and Derek said sure.

The guy then opens his mouth and says something I could never have imagined: "Are you  here for the Hope for Haiti event?"

Me: "No, we just randomly met up and came here...what is this about?"

He then shared that he's been going to Haiti for 8 years and I shared that I had just been. It was beautiful. The whole night was a fundraiser for this organization and Mission to Haiti...they just built an orphanage for saving kids from child slavery! This man introduced me to the woman who leads the organization. They showed a was just wonderful.

They were Christian too so it was just beautiful because we were able to discuss Haiti and Jesus which are pretty inseparable topics anyhow!

Dear Jesus, I ask that you bless all missions to Haiti that seek to improve the quality of life and respect the dignity of the Haitian people! Bless the man and woman we met last night. Bless Derek for his openness and patience while I sat talking to this random man about Haiti all night instead of to him! Thank you for working your plan in my life! Amen!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Thanks for sharing this story. I think God really delights in surprising us like that.