Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This week I decided to invite the person I met over for dinner.

I had some major cleaning to do because I still had my Christmas decorations up, and hadn't really been home long enough for a good clean in quite a while. In place of my Manger, I decided to keep that my little sacred space. I have my crucifix hanging there on the wall, so it fits. I put out my St. John Bosco and Mary Help of Christians statues, my Bible, and my Catechism. On the bottom shelf of that table, I put another Bible and my journal. The goal was that I will spend more time reading both since they are right there in my face.

Well, said person came for dinner...and after dinner and a game of Monopoly, I came out of the bathroom to find him reading my Catechism. You may be thinking, "so what? It was just out there."

I was mostly shocked because it can be an intimidating book for most Catholics, and he is Baptist. I'm glad he felt it inviting to take a look. I took note of what page he was looking at (not sure if he truly was reading it) but was glad to see it was this part of the prologue:

"The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive at love" (CCC 25, quoting Roman Catechism, Preface, 10; cf. 1 Cor 13:8)

After he left, we were texting and I began to journal for the first time since April. I am very grateful that this new...friendship...is seeming to direct my heart more and more towards God.

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  1. That's so cool! Please keep us posted on how this friendship develops... I am finding these days that God is working something beautiful in our Protestant sisters and brothers, they can be an inspiration to us as we hopefully are to them - and through this, perhaps we will all be united again as one family in our Holy Mother Church.