Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Over the past two days, I have felt almost every emotion possible. Between craziness at work, confusion in my personal life, and joy with my family, I have barely had time to think.

I find myself so tired of work that even though I've only worked 2 out of the 3 days in this work week, that I actually wish the storm was still coming tomorrow so I'd have an excuse to not drive in.

Lord, have mercy on me!

I am learning right now a huge lesson in humility. I just want to get through this phase at work without losing my virtues.

It has been tough to focus on what is truly important because unfortunately there are many small, petty distractions. I also realize how important it is to pray for the people you work with. If I do not offer up these people surrounding me for the majority of my day before God, then how could I ever expect peace?

I have to die to myself, not just for my loved ones, not just for those I like. For everyone! Christ died for all of us, and He's asked me to follow in his footsteps.

Dear Jesus, I ask that you cover all of my co-workers in peace, whatever struggles they face. Help me to be your hands in their lives. Help me to me patient and caring with each one of them as to be understanding of their struggles. May they also be patient with me in my own shortcomings! Amen!

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