Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Never before in my life have I heard more about the debate on skirts vs. pants than since I've started blogging.

Personally, I never knew there was such a debate about it. I never really gave much thought to it...I have heard many times that skirts are more modest.

Here's my problem: Not all the time are skirts more modest. For instance, I work in a professional arena...I've tried to convince people that wearing scrubs would be the best (because I can get them a little baggy without being messy, and they can be modest), but that didn't work. So here's my problem with skirts:

1: I have to shave
2: Wearing stockings
3. Uncomfortable waistbands
4. Most professional attire skirts are very fitted/tailored not loose or flowing

If I could find a place to get stylish/professional long skirts with elastic waistbands, I'd be all set...and if they were cheap, I'd replace my whole wardrobe and never wear pants again! Of course, I love my pants...mostly because I like to sit comfortably "indian style" or with my feet up outside of work, but with long and non-fitted skirts, I can work that out just fine.

Any suggestions on where to find good priced, professional, comfortable skirts? Even online?


  1. for winter, leggings under a shorter skirt or a tunic/shirt-dress are pretty awesome. Leggings (actual leggings, not the thick-tights-we'll-just-call-leggings ones) are basically just form-fitting pants, so its ok to sit indian style, but the skirt/long shirt makes it so you don't feel like you're running around in stockings. And they're sooo comfy :)

  2. I don't think leggings under a shorter skirt or tunic/sweater fulfills my desirefor modesty