Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Friday!

Hey everyone! Been a few weeks since I've done a quick takes and I'm really excited! 
Thanks to Jen for hosting this at her blog! Check it out here!

Last week, I ordered a book through Yale's Direct Borrow program through the library. It's called The Red Book which is a compilation of most of the writings and personal evalutations of the famous psychologist Carl Jung! I heard about this book (published in 2009) in the fall and wanted to get my hands on it just to see what it was like. It is HUGE. I don't mean massively thick...but if I stood it up on the table, it's about 18 inches tall! The first have are scanned images of his actual writings in German and the paintings/drawings of his. The second half is the translation to English. I feel like I've taken a dive into history. It is amazing.

I am home from work today so I opened it up and started reading..."But the spirit of the depths said: "No one can or should halt sacrifice. Sacrifice is not destruction, sacrifice is the foundation stone of what is to come...Have you not had monasteries? Have not countless thousands gone into the desert? You should carry the monastery in yourself. The desert is within you...if you were fettered to the world of this time with iron, the call of the des rt would break all chains..."

And a page later..."Give humanity dignity, and trust that life will find the better way"
If that isn't a good March for Life sign, I don't know what is!

In other news, the predicted snowfall for Hartford County in my state for the entire season was 24"...and as of last night (before it started to snow) the total snowfall was 52". Now that we've filled quite more than our predicted amount, I would appreciate not one more speck of snow until next winter. If my car warns me of "low traction" one more time, I might just not leave my house until Spring!

In good news: Only taking one online class right now has allowed me to get my social life back! Monday I had a date, Tuesday and last night I got to walk over to my friends to see her/her husband and their baby, and Wednesday I went to another friend's house. It feels so good to be social with people other than classmates and professors. Plus it's a lot less stressful!

I have gotten back into know, actually writing with a pen in a little notebook about spiritual matters or other things? Yea, that! And I forgot how much I had loved it! It really is like therapy for me. There are just some things that are so private that you can't talk out with a helpful tool for me is to write to God about it. If you haven't ever done it, I encourage it! It leaves you open to be completely honest with yourself and God. It also helps you work through some things in your head!

My friend and I had a glass of wine last night. Just like journaling, wine with friends is extremely therapuetic. If you don't do this at all, you should. We are going to try to make it a monthly event for us! We laughed like we haven't laughed together in a long time and both of us needed it so badly.

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  1. Good reminder on how to live a balanced life :-)