Thursday, January 6, 2011

For Real, Lord?

If you know me personally, you know that overall, 2010 was not what one would call an outstanding year. While I have plenty to be thankful for, it was a year of continual bad news. This news was mostly regarding the health of multiple family members. Now, all of them (except one) are on the mend or better.

I posted yesterday or the day before about feeling like this year really is going to be different, new.

Today, I felt like God just confirmed that in so many ways.

I have never felt this way in the beginning of a year before. I have this feeling in my gut that somehow, this year, is going to be different. I feel like I’m getting a fresh new start.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a random increase in young, attractive men in the building I work in! Plus I have “met” someone (online, and I gave him my cell phone # this week, going well so far). I’m taking it ridiculously slow just to be cautious because I know my heart can’t handle more than that. There is a good chance I will be seeing a college friend (household sister) from California this weekend because she’s traveling to the East Coast for a wedding. I am hoping to be getting a new job (Prayers please).

And to top it all off today, I saw an old co-worker who had retired in the summer. She was bringing a family member in for an appointment. We got to talking and I asked how her husband was doing. “Oh he’s good…he’s doing a prison ministry now…”, she told me. I said, “wow, that’s always been something I wanted to get involved in…” and then the icing on the cake, “yea, he’s doing it with teens between the age of 16-18 (I think that was the max age I can’t remember now) and they have a retreat coming up soon and then they mentor each kid for a year or until they are released…”

Needless to say, I will be e-mailing her tomorrow to get more details and sign up for this ministry. Here is how I know God is ordaining this year to be a great one:

1. I have been dying to get back into youth ministry lately.

2. I have always wanted to be involved with prison ministry.

3. Mentoring teens for a committed amount of time to help them change their…Hi, remember, I’m about to finish my BA in psych!

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for knowing and granting so many of my dreams and desires! You truly are an awesome God! Amen!

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