Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily Activities in Haiti

Two of the mornings we painted. The first morning we primed the walls in the guys bedroom and the office. Concrete sucks up primer like nothing else. You couldn't really spread it around, it just covered where you put the brush. Definitely relatable to matters of faith I guess.

Reflection: God gives us graces, fruits, and gifts...asks that we share with one another but getting us to do so is sooo difficult. I think we all must be convinced that God is limited because we ourselves are limited. We know we only have so much money in the bank so God must only have so much mercy/grace...WRONG. We are made in HIS image, not Him in ours. Especially in this regard. He is the beginning and end, in him there is no limits to outpouring of his grace. Honestly, if there was a limit on his mercy/grace, do you think Peter would have made it to be the first Pope? I doubt it...I'm sure the mercy/grace would have run out after the crucifixion of His only Son.

After we painted, I think its possible we ate lunch. We either would eat lunch if it was ready or go to the river. It was amazing. Because the sun is hot, it's always warm. And it's just a beautiful landscape in the mountains.

Another day, we sorted through clothes/toys/shoes that were packed into one of the kids rooms. All donated items from the groups who had gone previously since the earthquake. So many graciuos outpourings of people's things. It was touching...and funny all at the same time. One of the smaller kids was staring at one stuffed animals and in Creole Emily said "no, this is all for the people in Dandan" (the village where our school is being built)...and he said clear as day, fast as he could "Mwe Dandan" which translates literally: "I'm Dandan" and we all burst out laughing because we understood him. Then while sorting the toys, we had the door closed and someone else came in and asked if we had to lock the door and I said "oh yea, they don't want the kids to come in and start taking all of the T-O-Y-S" yes. I spelled toys so the kids wouldn't know what I was saying...too bad I was speaking English...they can't understand english much laughter filled the room!

We brought the clothes/etc to Dandan on our last full day in Haiti. It was was definitely one of those "beauty in chaos" moments. A bunch of english speaking Americans working side by side with a Creole speaking Haitian, handing out things to people we all don't know. Guessing sizes, telling them to move to the next station, making sure the kids got toys. Wondering why would hand little water balloons to very small children....only in Haiti. Afterward, as we started walking back our long long walk since the truck was gone and the 4runner was broken, we find out the 4Runner is we pile in...all 9 of us. A driver (Manno)...2 in the front, 4 in the backseat, and 2 in the way back. Through the woods and the river, we were back at the house...

Horseback riding was on Sunday...I'll post more about that amazing experience later!

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