Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stationary Mission or Moving Missionary?

It has been a while. I've neglected this blog. Possibly because I was distracted with preparation for Haiti. You will probably think, "well of course, isn't that what this Blog has been about?"

But in this regard, I mean literally. All the spiritual preparation was happening for a REASON and PURPOSE. God blessed me with a quite random and last minute opportunity to GO to Haiti. After a random comment on a facebook message that had originated on something totally unrelated to Haiti, I found out about my dear friend Emily leading a group in August. And God worked out the rest. Completely. Flight: booked on the same one as the group. Passport: Couldn't find mine, got it 2 days before we left. Vaccines: Got to share the last appointment at my doctors office for the travel clinic with another young woman going to Haiti on her first trip there too and got my vaccines on time. I could not belief how quick and peacefully everything fell into place.

Normally under rushed circumstances, I freak out...get upset or anxious...somehow, with Haiti, it's different. There is a peace that surrounds that part of my heart. I will post more about the trip itself which will make this more evident. I think God has a plan to use Haiti to radically change my life...let the transformation begin!

As I have come back from my trip, I return to a stationary mission here in the US. Still on a mission to bring more people to the knowledge of Mission Haiti, still on a mission to learn more and go show others the joy of Haiti...the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, priye pou nou (pray for us)!!!

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