Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reflections on Patience

Clearly, I made this blog as I was trying to put into perspective all of the lessons I was learning during my "wait" to get to go to Haiti.

Well, there are many other things I am waiting for...should I start a blog for them all? Maybe...maybe NOT!

I just started reading a book recommended by a household sister. It's perfect. What I've got so far from it is, we should not ask for patience to wait, but ask for purpose while we wait.

Dear Lord, Please show me your purpose for my life during this time in my life. Help me to see that you did not create the word wait or patience. You have a purpose for every day, every minute, even every second of my life and according to Your will, I should not be waiting  for anything, but doing Your will each day.
I constantly wait for my life to start, wait for God to show me when I would go to Haiti, wait for God to bring my spouse so I can live my vocation as wife and mother. Yet, I constantly forget that I can not do those things without preparing my heart. It seemed to click with Haiti, learning the lessons I needed to learn to be able to go on that mission...and I can hope that I can still learn how to learn to continually prepare for the future vocations just by living fully in callings of today.

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  1. Kristina-
    If there was a nail to hit in the midle of your reflection- you've hit it on the head! I think you have a clear understanding of what we're called to practice each day... live and breathe in the moment, encounter God in each person, place and situation, and try to understand what He is telling you in that single moment. Respond to His loving glance with an act of faith, Hope and Love and then enjoy His smile!!!
    I have so much trouble remembering this simple way to live as life gets fast, noisy and complicated...God reveals Himself in silence and sometimes hidden or disguised ways. That's possibly why it was so much easier to "see" Him in the faces of those people and places we visited in Haiti, and in one another. There were less distractions... and we were so open to His Spirit!
    I pray each day for a sence of purpose, as I experience the frustration of not knowing how I am to serve God now with my life work.. now- after visiting Haiti- I need even more to feel purpose in what I do in life...and at 51 years old.. I'm feeling a sence of urgency too! But apparently, God knows better and constantly puts me on "hold". I was told once that God answers all prayers. Sometimes His answer is "yes", sometimes "no" and sometimes "not now". When we pray for patience He won't give us patience- just opportunities to practice the virtue until we perfect it! SO... my new prayer is "God, show me your desire in this moment...lead my hands, heart and mind to know it, to love it and to do it! - AMEN!"
    Peace my dear friend....Patti