Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Bank Saves MY Money!

I am beyond excited!!! This is an entire post about why I'm learning to love Bank of America!

I was really upset at one point because I realized that my savings account at my bank barely earned interest at all last year. Amount $.05 maybe...

...but then I realized that being in the "Keep the Change" program, which saves all the "change" from my debit card purchases by rounding up my purchases to the nearest dollar and transering that money into my savings account, has really paid off!

I've saved a good deal of money through it and the bank matches it, 5%, up to a certain amount. So I made $56 from that annual payment.

Today, I was reminded of the "Add it Up" program. This is where you earn 3,4, or 5% (and even a possible 7% bonus) cash back on certain online purchases made with your debit card. All you do is enter the coupon code they give you for the stores they offer it for.

I decided to order some new slipcovers for when I move. I had an option of 3 coupon codes, and figured the most savings would come from the free shipping code. The shipping was approximately $27 and don't forget, I earn 4% cash back on this one, and that was almost $9. So I technically saved $36 on something I really wanted/needed. Once you make $5 in cash-back, they transfer it into your checking account. They also occasionally have "in store" coupons you can print out.

Why I love it: ways to save and get some money back in your pocket without doing too much work to find the deals!

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