Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!!!

Thanks to Jeniffer over at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes for Friday!!!

Here is what's up:

Photos Required: I now believe that in life on the internet, photos ought to be required. For instance, when you choose to date online or go apartment hunting online. I wouldn't buy a skirt or dress or jeans online without seeing a picture, so why would I choose to meet someone or consider living in a place without even getting a glimpse of the person or place? Isn't a date or home much more important than jeans? skirts? dresses? I think so! So beware, if you are trying to rent an apartment to me or get a date with me, please, draw me in with a photo. This is mostly because I saw a listing for an apartment in my desired town and it exclaimed, "A MUST SEE..." but had no pictures! I guess it isn't as 'must see' since I can't see it right now.

Royal Wedding: I wish there would be less hype over this. It is a wedding of two prominent figures, yes, but at the end of the day, a wedding is a wedding. You may be thinking, "But Kristina, you love all things wedding/marriage". You are right, however, I'd rather have the spotlight on couples who are entering into Holy Marriages rather than Royal or Grand Weddings.

Apartment Hunting: I've decided to raise my rent budget to try to find more of what I am actually looking for. I went to see a place last night that was closer to the top of my previous budget, included no utilities and was smaller than my first apartment, plus the laundry room is on the other side of the complex. If I want a  nice place, I can raise my stakes a bit, as long as it includes the utilities, and actually love the place I live.

Clothes: I got the clothes I ordered from my favorite store Athleta!! I am returning the dresses because they don't fit right. They do fit, but look funny...which is sad becuase they were so comfortable on and modest! The skirts are wonderful though! I really recommend everyone go to the site, and splurge on at least one of their "Whatever Skorts" becuase they are just the most comfortable, modest, yet still stylish and attractive thing I will ever wear.

Happy Hour: One of my supervisors just asked me if I got the email a month ago that we're doing a work Happy Hour tonight after work. I said no, but tell me when and where. I am so happy! I needed a pick me up this week and having some laughs and a drink with my co-workers is just perfect!

Casino: Apparently having a weekend free is the perfect plan. A friend just text me and invited me out to the casino. Again, another night of fun, I could not be more excited.

Prayers: Please pray for my family. My great-aunt passed away on Good Friday. As beautiful of a day that was to go, my family has just had a rough couple of years. 2 of my grandmother's brothers and now her sister have passed, my grandfather found he had to have a tumor removed from his lung after completing a battle of prostate cancer, and now has a 'spot' on his bladder. Last year, my sister had some troubles after giving birth to the twins and many other things happened for us. It seems like we all just keep getting hit again and again. We are trying to be strong but it is taxing on the spirit and mind. Pray we can handle God's will in our lives, no matter what that may be! Thank you!

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter season. God Bless!

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