Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes - FRIDAY!

Boy oh boy, have I missed the BLOG! I'm not even sure why I have been away!

So I'm making my come back with the always fun: 7 QUICK TAKES FRIDAY hosted over at Conversion Diary by Jen! Thanks!

1. As of Monday, my car will be completely paid off!!! Thank you, Turbo Tax for your quick 8 day refunds for both my Federal and State Taxes!! I finally feel like I can get back on track with the Dave Ramsey plan of getting out of debt! Check out his Baby Steps here!!

2. Hopefully, I will be getting my tonsils out next week or the week after!!! I have this extreme hate for my tonsils becuase they get irritated quite often becuase they are generally larger than the average Joe! I went to see this awesome ENT doctor who basically said, "they don't need to come out but I will do it if it is what you really want". So since I have a ton of sick time saved up, I'm going to have them taken out and hopefully take 2 weeks off just to have a good recovery cushion.

3. Something about socks. I can't remember but I told my friend I would...make #3 about socks, I can't remember exactly what about them I guess I will post that I'm hoping this becomes reality: A friend might teach me how to KNIT SOCKS! I kept forgetting to ask this person for tips on knitting ((in case you missed my stint about that)...but she said that she'd teach me how to knit socks first since they are the hardest, and once you can do that, the rest is easy!

4. I do not like my Art class as much as I thought I would. I completely missed last week's assignment. I plan to make it up, but I have no desire to. I have to download a video recording tool so I can record what is going on on my screen...what I have to make happen in this other program is draw a line that a little man rides a bike on when you hit play...My line is NOT very creative so I gave up...yikes!

5. I can't wait for spring!!!

6. I'm going to see my neice and nephews tomorrow!

7. I received the notice of renewal for my lease in the mail. I am at a loss of what to do about that. I can renew and stay another year. I can not renew and find a new place. I do NOT have any desire to go through the moving process...but I also do not know if I can handle another year of long commutes to everywhere. I do think that financially, it's still the best bet to stay. I know where I want to live, I can not get cheaper rent. So I would have to settle for something not as great. Plus for my cheap rent now, I can probably just make the sacrifice of long commutes one more year, and work the "get out of debt fast" plan by not moving and living slightly beyond my means!

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  1. I'm doing Dave Ramsey's makeover too! I love it! Congratulations on your car and good luck with your tonsils.