Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Funny Thing: Trust

A funny thing happened yesterday. A dear friend of mine asked me how Haiti was. I started to share and before I knew it I was sharing something I hadn't even realized until the words came out. And it all makes sense to how I've been living since I got back.


I was telling her that going to Haiti, and seeing the children, who immediately were joyful to have us there, have a confidence in you. They see missionaries, and they know, "Here are more people who will love me with their whole hearts, hold me, take care of me." They have learned with the groups coming/going, that when a group comes, it is full of people who will love them and play with them. They trust.

Then, if children trust in me with their whole hearts, then how much more should I trust the God who sent his Son to love and provide for me.

I trust that He loves me unconditionally. I trust that He has a plan, just for me. The unfolding of that plan intertwines with the plans of a lot of other children of God. The important thing I'm realizing is that not one person's plan can be carried out alone, it is all dependent and woven on another person's journey.

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