Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

This new year, I've decided to continue on the journey I've been on since late October. I posted about how I went on a retreat and it changed pretty much everything in my  life. Well, I gladly report that things have only gotten better.

There is such joy and freedom in knowing the only one who can love my unconditionally is God, my father. You may think, "wouldn't it be better to have more people love you?" and sure, I may be tempted to say yes. I am going to have to say "NO" to that. The fact of the matter is that only God is perfect and therefore only God can love me perfectly, completely, and unconditionally. To expect that from another human being is like expecting them to lift me up off the floor by staring at me. Impossible!

This experience of God's loving me for me has led me to really strive to make things better for my body. The ultimate part that I struggle with is a diet. No, not a "I really want to be super skinny and lose weight fast" sort of diet, but a healthy eating lifestyle. I eat more fast food than I am willing to admit. Lately, when it's not fast food, it's some other restaurant on "the hill" behind my house.

I'm looking forward to all that this year has to bring, especially getting healthier overall and trying to help my body function as it should. It won't always be easy (mostly because a couple new vitamins I started taking are very large), but I know it is worth it. God has called me to be on this earth for a purpose, and I must do what I have to in order to do the best I can to give back to Him.

Music is definitely helping. I was finally able to find this cd I wanted. Amanda Stott. If you are in the US, you can only buy the cd on Amazon or something,  not from iTunes because it's only released in the Canada iTunes store. The album is called Chasing the Sky. I wanted it because I had heard her sing Paper Rain on Pandora radio. I'm overwhelmed at how each song describes a different aspect of my life. Here's a part of "My Real Life":

I wait in the water as the stream rushes by
I go deeper and deeper and I wish I could fly
Far from this moment and away from my past
How do I discover all I see through this glass?
How will I know when I have finally broken through?
There's a world out there and it's all brand-new

This is my dream life,
When will my real life begin,
When will I find myself,
When will this dreaming end?
I've waited so long...
This is my time
When will my real life begin?

I pray you all have an amazing year filled with growth and blessings! Amen!

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